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Work Desk

People - Purpose - Process

Leadership Coaching and Team Development that Enables Your Business to Achieve Exceptional Results

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Engineers at work
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Running a Marathon
Engineer Fixing Machine
Business Team
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Mickey McCallion,

Executive Vice President

“She has the experience and skills to take your team to the next level and the organization will see tangible results along the journey. Marisa's approach is open and collaborative, ensuring the individuals build on their skill sets for the future while having fun doing it."

Andrew Klosinski,

Director of Operations

"Her leadership style involves being inquisitive in order to provide the exact amount of support needed and exactly when. Marisa knows how to build and guide a strong team, helping them grow and evolve while supporting the business needs. I am grateful for her teachings and counsel."

Sheila Murray,

Human Resources

“Marisa was a mentor to her leadership team, providing a supportive, trusting, collaborative environment to drive their success. Under Marisa’s leadership she developed an Operations team that was empowered, successful, and often exceeded KPIs. Marisa is a strong, inspirational, and confident leader that any organization would be fortunate to partner with.”
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