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     Marisa Game is the founder of 3P Results.  She was born in Florida, raised in North Carolina by a single mom and the first in her family to attend and graduate a major university.   She worked hard at two part time jobs at a time to finance her university costs and yet kept up with her studies and graduated North Carolina State University with honors.  She is a chemical engineer by degree and a leader at heart.  She has an affinity for hobby hopping and has been a top tier lady angler, an early graduate guitar player, an award-winning abstract artist, a community service leader, a board member for several professional organizations and a mentor and trusted friend of young people of all ages.  No matter the occasion, situation, or people, Marisa always seems to make a lasting positive impression that people latch on to and remember for a lifetime.

     Marisa’s career has been a journey to be proud of as she has delivered outstanding results in every position she’s taken on.   She has worked for companies such as Michelin Tire Corporation, MillerCoors Brewing Company, and Chatsworth Products Inc.  Marisa has worked across many mid and high levels of these organizations in both direct and support leadership roles as well as corporate support and operations director roles.   She has developed teams, leaders, individual contributors, peers, subordinates, and leaders above her.  She has no shortage of examples and experience in courageous and unique situations to pull from.  Whether its technical problem solving or leadership success skills, it is likely that Marisa has experienced it, addressed it, and turned it into a positive outcome.  She has several frameworks and tools for solving leadership, team, and manufacturing problems including the example culture transformation framework shown on the Process tab.  Marisa is a big believer in the 3Ps of leadership development and problem solving....People, Purpose, Process.  Most of her frameworks and techniques are built using a combination of all three.

     What’s most unique about Marisa is her natural ability to lead and mentor while using an analytical approach to business.  She has worked alongside so many brilliantly technical people that just needed to leverage the strength of their teams to achieve that ultimate goal that they were after.  Throughout her career Marisa has been pulled by leaders across her organizations to work with their respective teams as she has a true gift in quickly turning low morale and poor performance into confident and winning teams and people following structured processes.   She believes that winning is a team sport even when an individual gets the recognition.   She also believes that everyone has endless potential and pairing their strengths with their passion while helping them develop the discipline and process is how everyone can truly be their best.  Team members and leaders that Marisa has coached and mentored have gone on to become amazing leaders of their own teams with increased responsibility and winning results.  While she has many certifications and tools to pull from (ICF and Executive Coach, Emergenetics, Problem Solving Tools, Lean, etc.), she has a talent for recognizing strengths in people that they cant see in themselves and she takes the next step to challenge them in ways that allow that potential to shine and build confidence while achieving results.  She is engaging in ways that allow her to connect with people from all levels and walks of life.  Marisa would tell you that being a part of someone else’s personal growth and a team’s success is what gets her up and excited to face the day!  She would love nothing more than to share that with you and your team!

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